Each day brings us surprises, good or bad. Our days can be a struggle, a pleasing one, or just an ordinary day… This ordinary day has started with a long drive in darkness and in torrential rain. Now back home, perceiving the importance of an ordinary day rejoices me. This day could be an anniversary, a celebration, a very important day in someone else’s life. Millions of people could be celebrating today:  December the 11…Not always good things happened on this very day…

Here are a few to mention: http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/december11th.html

For me it is just an ordinary day with a special meaning and I feel like celebrating…

Would you join me?

Let’s share happiness, goodwill, yearning for a better world, equality, tolerance, acceptance, and all the good feelings from our hearts… Let’s share our love for Nature and for her protection.

Let’s just be happy!

Love from me to all of you xxx


And the cheese cake…