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I try to spread, fill bird food as early as possible in the mornings, before the birds start to fly. And then again in the afternoon; as the days are getting shorter, nowadays at noon exactly.

The other day, I went out, started from front garden as usual, sleepy,without looking around, then went to back garden and I froze! I saw the skies, burning skies…The cloud formation; the colours were so different than every, clear day sky. I take many photos on different days either on sunrise or sunset and they never see the daylight; they are stuck in my PC, because nothing special about them. But that morning, it was totally different than I am used to photograph being exceptional…

I threw everything, ran home, and got my camera, down the hill to the dawn, almost sunrise. In awe of Nature one more time, started to click. These are some of them. I hope you’ll like this wonderful sunrise…

Wishing you all a beautiful Remembrance Sunday with my hugs xxx



On November 7, ’14 at between 07.40 – 07.44 CET