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It’s a mild, sunny, quiet autumn day. It started dark with threatening clouds but it seems it was a kind of bluff. It took a while but later in the morning the sun pushed away the clouds and started to warm the nature. I thought about gardening – there are hundred an one things to do- and dressing properly went out and started it. With the sun coming through, it has become a delight working with dead leaves, planting bulbs and other much needed work. I’m planning to go on until dark today at least finish planting all bulbs.
This is lunch break, also time to write a few lines to my blog. My TV stopped working last night just before ” Dr Who” because I zapped a wrong button in this ultra modern system, and couldn’t find my way back. Silly, I know, finally I have to admit that I need help. On the other hand working in the garden with the autumn sun is so attractive that I see this as “a blessing in disguise” and I am so happy WiFi is intact and I can remain connected to the world.
Beside the fallen leaves and bulb planting I also have the pleasure of taking photos. Nature is wonderfully present, light is good, this way I can have breaks more often than I need or dare to take. I have now a legitimate excuse of being out there registering nature around me. I saw my first black tailed red squirrel, I shouldn’t be calling it red squirrel I guess. It’s obviously one of nature’s Β miracles. And I also took some pictures of it : for another blog.
Now my lunch break is over, posting this first, than back to work in the garden. I wish you a very good Sunday wherever you are. I know some of you are already on the way to Monday.
Then I wish you all a bright, happy and healthy new week with love πŸ™‚ xxx