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One comes across all sorts of people as the days, months, years pass
by. Some we meet, have short acquaintances, friendships; then we
move on with our lives. We are “an experience richer”, met a totally
different human being with their different, peculiar ways of looking
at the world. We might agree or disagree with their ways; we surely
accept them as they are and move on…
Sometimes the person we fall in love with might have other thoughts,
persons in mind and they refuse to continue the relationship with us,
we have to accept and respect that decision and simply move on…
If months of misery, self pity cannot change the decision taken by the
other party, then it’s time to meet others, or remain in this
incomprehensible situation until the end of our time. What a waste of
a life which is a present to us and only given for this lifetime,
never to return after our demise.
And when we meet others we should never let them get involved in our
miserable situation. Let the relationship -if it comes that far- grow
like a precious  plant, nurture it, be grateful that someone is
interested in us in spite of our very problematical/complicated life,
that we cannot even offer them much, and they are still with us.
Then you definitely should know that it’s way beyond to move on!
If you want to live again in harmony, want to be loved properly, be
happy again, just shake the recently acquired habits and move on…

If not, the others will move on from you and for good!

This was a little thought and now I am moving on…