Our cats give us joy every day, and also punishment. Yes, mine does. She thinks there is time for everything, her time. So I never know when the right time is to caress her, when it’s enough, how I should be holding her according to her wishes. Sometimes a paw slaps my hand, or a sharp bite puts me in my place… As a descendant from a wild cat family she’s never afraid of showing my place! As the old saying goes “she owns me”, she has every right to put me in my place if there’d be an occasion for it!!!

This said, she also knows her place. Taking the clue from the tone of my voice she either escapes to a place only known to her, or faces the charges being –all of a sudden- the most charming cat in the world. She starts purring, caressing me, my feet, wherever she can reach with her loving head… And most of all she knows warmth is near me, so as soon as she feels cold, she knows where to find me, my arms; with her homemade music we both fall asleep peacefully…