ET was born on Saturday 13 May, 2006 to a stray cat I named “Mother” that bore kittens 3-4 times a year, living around in the garden together with many and our own cats… The place she chose that time was in a flower bed right under one of living room windows. We normally didn’t interfere with any of them in their chosen free lives. After two weeks Mother left in spite of the cries from the kitten and didn’t return to feed it. Then it was time to interfere! When I first picked it up, it only filled my palm, tiny and weak. Then I shouted! One eye looked like a balloon in that small body… That first impression stuck; later on she would be called ET.

A long and painful vet treatment thus started: for the eye and diarrhea. We witnessed her cries and endless fight with us and her situation. Mother never returned; she had discarded this kitten as not fit to survive…

She is now eight years old, brave, full of vigor like her mother which never let us touch her after years of proximity. She finally chose to die in my winter garden… If ET chooses to have her breakfast outside goes and gets a mouse ignoring my shouts, and eats it always in front of the house.

Yesterday I witnessed her scaring an unknown cat almost to death; the poor cat had to climb the highest tree. I took ET in so that the gray cat from neighbourhood could escape. She sometimes attacks/tries to at least passing dogs from behind the gate, grumbling…

So the innocent looks which melt my heart each time are deceiving… Our fear that she might not be able to cope with one eye were simply proven wrong!  And I love her to bits…173