Tonight we have a waning gibbous Moon: just a night before Last
Quarter; in other words it is waning. I forgot most of the Astronomy I had in my high school classes. However the moon  remains  an intriguing subject, occupying my days, nights actually… As soon as it starts to shine, I’m outside with my camera, trying to find the best position to take a good photo. As I have tall trees I need to
choose my position well, sometimes I am a bit afraid in the absolute darkness of my
garden, listening to every single crushed dry leaf, guessing who or what’s
around me. But nothing stops me being outside, admiring another phase
of this magnificent natural satellite of the earth.
Can we apply this verb- waning-  to our daily life. I have wondered many a time!
Waning relationships, waning feelings… I have absolutely no idea. In
my mind, yes, we can. Like our feelings in a relationship, when one
reaches a certain high level, it’s possible to keep it with loving,
appreciating, nurturing manner through life, fighting the seductive
outside influences, if one is determined to keep the happiness which
is a rarity nowadays.
I had experienced a very good and strong relationship through my
parents, and my own marriage however short- lived it was, death did us part.
What I see through my friends is as strong as mine sometimes but in
other cases lack of patience and wide variety of choices offered by
the internet can play a very seductive role.  Everything is possible…Long
distance global love, internet affairs are so common nowadays. Are
they leading to a real loving relationship, is something which remains to be
seen. Some of my friends have found love this way and they’re happy,
others are going through stress, depression caused by the same
I don’t have  a concrete input in this personally; I am keeping my options
open and trying to avoid heartache at all costs. Just be careful out
there: it can be very difficult to find true love without seeing, without
actually experiencing the persons and happenings in the real world.
The virtual world remains a mystery to me just like the waning or waxing moon
is in my daily life…


Thanks to my fellow blogger smilingtoad, thank you 🙂