Sitting under the autumn sun, just dreaming, observing nature around me. Oak trees are still green: they were the last ones to get their new leaves; they’ll fight courageously not to lose them for a long time to come. Pine trees are going through a silent metamorphosis, quietly losing some pins which are already yellow. Though we call them green all year round.
The biggest change is on the birds. Birds like jays, blackbirds which nested here, brought their chicks into this world, are gone. The amount of food I’m spreading now almost the half as before.  It’s good for my budget; on the other hand it brings sadness as if I’ve been a useless mother who couldn’t protect her children. They simply disappeared… Also gone half of House Sparrows and Tits. After growing do they settle down somewhere else or the parents were originally from another part of this nature? Because the chicks are still chicks, not much grown yet…
I can’t answer those questions. Last year I didn’t get any answer from a nearby country’s bird organization, they’d get back to me – they promised- still waiting their answer…


The Ivy – a sort of Ivy- is growing to the tops of oak trees behind the house where I keep it for wildlife and also throw the cuttings. So the cuttings of Ivy growing near the garage, wanted to cover my oak trees and reach the skies. They now do! Many attempts to cut them from the ground were unsuccessful, they feel free to occupy wherever they wish to. Now they’re giving me the most vivid autumn colours, bright reds on each leaf, soon mixing with yellow, posing for the best photos before they all fall end October.


The lawn is still green from recent rains, recovered at last from the heat we had before the rain. Lavender plants are still trying to bloom here and there, grown double since last year. Weigela is blooming second time, I love those lovely red flowers…Before the door, the pots have now their winter occupants dark red violets and white Heather.


I love sitting in the sun, observing the changes in the nature and thinking about changes in my life. I won’t be bothering you about the details yet our lives are full of changes bringing us joy and progress one couldn’t think possible before.We cannot give up hope, there’s always a surprise waiting for us around the corner. Hope against despair, hope against negativity, hope against unimaginable, hopeless situations. We just have to open up to the world and what the day will bring us, embrace it, and be happy!!!
Hugs to you all…