Strong rivers with leaping salmons and Lochs, mysterious, have their own legends. Weather capricious, storms, nurturing rains Snow covered mountains in all seasons… Cities colourful, full of lights and vivacious Bars with wee drams and music infectious Young pipers playing in unexpected corners So touching, romantic, and oh so euphonious! Aye, bonnie lasses dance like butterflies, Light, poetic, beautiful, so full of rhythm! Lads in kilts, moving to skies in precision Admire all Scottish people young and old… The sea, the bluest, the harshest and most calm At dawn, dusk, bathing in the sun and in storm High waves rushing to the shores ferociously Speeding the sailors, fishermen safely back home. Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, and Dundee Melting pot of all nations, and colourful in peace Fashion show on a grand scale, embracing all cultures With Scottish independence a new Land of the Free… Always the best for Scotland that’s all we want Whether born and bred, or as the New Scots Who lost their hearts to this magnificent land. Peace loving, wealthy, glorious and independent! http://youtu.be/PSH0eRKq1lE http://youtu.be/acnH6M1Ee8k SAY #YES TO INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND #YES