Gray skies in running succession passing over my head, they look scary; even for a rain loving, adoring soul. Cold, strong winds from North pushing the clouds away; it is a matter of which one is going to be the winner… Soon it will pour down giving and extending the life of all plants, shrubs and trees; they have been thirsty a while now. Nature is restoring, saving, cherishing, and nurturing every single living being.
While doing so, garden in different greens is turning to a jungle as the owner is overwhelmed with different sorts of obstacles and new unstoppable hobbies… The veggie patch is overtaken by common purslane, brought from a faraway country, as I had let patch to rest for this year, after filling half of it with bulbs last October. According to Wikipedia, it is a nutrition packed vegetable from warmer countries with healing qualities… The invasion started some years ago unnoticed, ignored due to lack of time, also thinking that they would die out during the winter. Au contraire, they are there to stay; and I don’t know what I can do to remove them for good. If I read the article well, it is such a magical vegetable; every part is edible, full of vitamins, omega 3, & so on… Another dilemma in my already complex life.
I wish I had been dreaming… I see all sorts of green mixed also with flowers in many colours; sunshine falling on wet leaves covered with raindrops, turning them shiny yet sophisticated pieces of jewellery… That short moment when sun rays transform the whole garden to heaven, only in my eyes. Heaven on earth to be savoured as long as it lasts… There are dark clouds of losing my garden; praying it will not come to that. Dark clouds on the sky guiding my inner feelings with rain gushing out, now to a positive direction, to tiny but ever existing sun rays; making me realise that there will always be sun shining to our days of gloom, and sadness…