It is one of those days… You are about to work, but continuously interrupted from all fronts. Lose concentration, and lose your text not having saved it on time… Hours of work is gone up in smoke or in this case in zeroes and ones.

In the middle of this something so unexpected comes along that changes the mood for better. Someone from the wild world finds you in your hiding place… Almost a miracle, but it really happens. That sudden extra heartbeat surprises you, you feel deep down that something extraordinary is about to take place and you are at the centre of all this. You start smiling uncontrollably; a sheepish, childish smile begins to show your teeth, you cannot close your lips…

Time to light the blue candles, give some visual warmth to your world, it is getting dark even at 3 pm. Another log on the open fire to warm up your bones. Nature is in a peculiar silence; birds are flying in a hurry, instinctively making themselves scarce. Then it all becomes very clear: giant flakes of snow start to fall, and immediately a blanket of snow covers everything.

Your miracle becomes insignificant comparing to this silent snowfall. Yet the combination is unbelievably uplifting, granting you a joyous moment of madness…put your mittens, hood and coat on: snow is inviting you out… Lie down on snow, legs and arms in flying mode, or make a heap of snowballs to use in an emergency fight. A snowman creeps into your mind inviting you to create him. All you need is a carrot, a broom, a few pieces of coal from the open fire.. Rolling on the snow, balls getting fatter with each turn, the fattest for the body, then the head. You also need a hat and a red scarf for this gorgeous snowman.

It is winter, bitter cold. Your heart radiates warmth, heat even to warm up nature, to melt the snow… This is your happiness: your feet will not touch the ground; you have wings to take you up to the skies. This winter makes you the happiest person on earth, planet, in space… Be grateful and share it all with your beloved. This comes only once in a lifetime…