Early morning has a different meaning now.. It is dark, mostly rainy, windy, or like this morning cold and frozen… Frozen leaves, frozen flowers: whatever left of them. They pose beautifully and give equally beautiful photos. Bird feeding has to wait until it is a bit lighter.
Yet the rabbits are around, early squirrel finds its way easily. I have even seen a hedgehog. Are they not supposed to be sleeping, hibernating? Perhaps it is still early. I should buy some dog/cat food, I know the whereabouts of one of them.
As soon as the sun comes out, it is a different story: Magical sun rays, like a tower stick, in gigantic proportions change frozen molecules to water, but the sun takes its time. Not that strong anymore, first teases around, plays with shadows, chases a few ghosts from the night before then slowly glides up and up to lighten all…
How I adore the sun!  It may be a very small sun in the universe, but for me it is the sun of my life in every possible sense. I would not be this happy if it would be rainy, the sun behind the clouds. I love rain too, not as much as the sun though… This morning it gave my life so much meaning that I do not feel sad anymore. You trust some people, you think the world of them, that they have given a real meaning to your life only to find out that it is not the truth. You feel sad in your silence, inside hurting… The sun never disappoints you, even if very short, it comes out and comforts you.
Then the morning progresses, the chores, work… I will take more time tomorrow before chores and work and think about more over small and bigger things which make life worth living even with sadness in your heart…Image