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The most amazing thing happened the other day…Early in the morning, before the birds, as I always do, I had been out with food bucket wild bird food with brown bread, and then I froze. A young deer was busy eating bread pieces remained from afternoon feeding. Pulled up her head from food, and looked directly into my eyes. The distance was about one hundred metres. I was next to a tall apple tree, without taking my eyes off her, automatically started to glide to ground, my back to tree, folding my knees  very slowly I reached the wet grass and curled on the ground, bucket next to me. Each second waited for her to make that elegant spring and disappear into the woods. She did not! Head down went on eating…I do not know how long I stayed on the grass. She then again gracefully moved a little further where the grass had a rich grow due to bird feed, until a dog bark came from a distance. She knew the sound of chasing hunting dogs! With a big spring she disappeared…