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These flowers I photographed once in a crowded market They didn’t have name tags, I clicked and passed by…I don’t grow them, and unfortunately I don’t know their names. They look like daises, and the others are like colourful morning glories… If you know their names, please let me know  🙂

I wish you all a colourful, beautiful Friday  🙂

The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly.   William Wordsworth


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Once Upon a Time…

Good old days, only a year back…

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A beautiful day in the garden… Just like the time before photography sites entered my life. Then I had only Twitter, Facebook, and G+ when I could dedicate every available moment  for the garden.  Today I had to be in the garden not to miss the plant delivery of 24 Meconopsis betonicifolia… As I have no bell by the garden gate, and the distance between house and gate prevents me to hear the comings and goings I had to be alert and at the same time to catch up with planting, weeding. I worked well, and even had my lunch outside: like the good old days!  Of course nothing wrong with my days except that I’m spending too much time before PC involuntarily, missing those fine times in the garden. I received my precious plants, and now I’m going back to plant them. See you!

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Sunday Musings


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As time goes by, our mind wanders from words: expectations, hope, and love to agony, hopelessness, resignation, and acceptance. The difficulty is adapting negativity to our everyday lives, making it acceptable, as a part of our lives. Even trying to smile despite of everything because whatever happens, we shall always have memories to cherish which will give us genuine, effortless smiles…
We all know that life is a precious gift to be thankful for. Just take a moment, and appreciate what we have instead of what we might have.
These are my thoughts nowadays, I am on the way to convince myself that the difficulties will lose their impact on life in general, and that memories will keep me happy, as it was the case for the most of my life. I believe that memories are what define us. Without them, we are empty husks devoid of meaning. All our memories give our actions meaning and our lives their intemporal dimension.

Happy Sunday everyone 😊


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