Sunday Musings


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As time goes by, our mind wanders from words: expectations, hope, and love to agony, hopelessness, resignation, and acceptance. The difficulty is adapting negativity to our everyday lives, making it acceptable, as a part of our lives. Even trying to smile despite of everything because whatever happens, we shall always have memories to cherish which will give us genuine, effortless smiles…
We all know that life is a precious gift to be thankful for. Just take a moment, and appreciate what we have instead of what we might have.
These are my thoughts nowadays, I am on the way to convince myself that the difficulties will lose their impact on life in general, and that memories will keep me happy, as it was the case for the most of my life. I believe that memories are what define us. Without them, we are empty husks devoid of meaning. All our memories give our actions meaning and our lives their intemporal dimension.

Happy Sunday everyone 😊


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Miracles do happen!



Little snow, little rain, now stepping on the ground makes hallow sounds. Dry like a desert. Manure, and grass seeds can’t be spread. Leyland cypress are in autumn colours, most of them are dead after years of nurturing. There was no help from above lately. Maybe today we’ll have a miracle, it may rain. Too late for many shrubs, trees, yet it’s very much welcome.
Imagine the scent after the rain, the sound of raindrops on the roof. Dripping water from the plants,leaves, flowers… A wonderful sight for a rain loving, nature crazy person.
Fingers crossed…


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